Responsible Investment Policy / Report

Basic Policy on Responsible Investment

In November 2015, Dai-ichi Life signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which advocates incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) components in the asset management process. By promoting ESG investment efforts based on these principles, we aim to achieve a balance between obtaining medium to long-term investment returns and resolving social issues.

  UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Our Policies
1 We will incorporate ESG issues in our investment analysis and decision-making process. While investing widely in assets focused on themes tied to the resolution of ESG issues, we will promote ESG integration to systematically incorporate ESG components in the investment process.
2 As dynamic shareholders, we will incorporate ESG issues in our shareholding policies and shareholding practices. In our engagement with investee companies, ESG issues are positioned as a priority, and drive efforts to resolve issues at those companies. We will also engage in similar dialogue with investee companies in bonds.
3 We ask that investment entities provide appropriate disclosure of ESG issues. In our engagement with investee companies, we ask for disclosure regarding ESG issues, especially enhanced efforts toward integrated disclosure of financial and non-financial information through integrated annual reports and other documents.
4 We will work to ensure that these principles become accepted by and are put into action by the asset management industry. By participating in international conferences and various study groups, and through the exchange of information with industry organizations and proactive dissemination of professional opinion, we will drive the spread and promotion of ESG investment, contributing to the development of the ESG investment market.
5 We will collaborate to enhance our effectiveness in executing these principles. We will collaborate with industry organizations, institutional investors and others both in and outside Japan by taking the lead in participating in key initiatives established with the goal of resolving ESG issues.
6 We will report on activities and progress regarding our execution of these principles. We will proactively offer information on our ESG investment-related efforts through the publication of an integrated Responsible Investment Activity Report on the status of ESG investment and stewardship activities, and by disclosure of information through press releases, etc. on individual ESG-themed investment deals.

Policy on Transition Finance

Medium-term Responsible Investment Policy

Single-Year initiative policy on Responsible Investment


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