Internal Control

Dai-ichi Life has established a Basic Internal Control Policy that stipulates its basic stance and initiatives concerning internal control.
This basic policy aims to ensure the appropriate operations of the corporate group that comprises the Company, its subsidiary etc. and maintain and create corporate value in an effort to realize the basic management policy by establishing basic matters related to the development and management of the internal control structure, thereby contributing to the fulfillment of the Company’s social responsibilities as a life insurance company in accordance with the Internal Control Policy for the Dai-ichi Life Group formulated by Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc.

Basic Internal Control Policy
1 Conduct business activities in compliance with laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, social standards, and rules in the market
2 Ensure insurance sales comply with laws and regulations and conduct appropriate insurance sales management
3 Protect and manage information appropriately, including customer information, shareholder information, material facts, and other unique information
4 Manage risks effectively in accordance with the characteristics of those risks
5 Block any relationships with antisocial forces to prevent any damage that might occur
6 Ensure appropriate operations at subsidiaries
7 Ensure the reliability of financial reporting and disclose reports appropriately in a timely manner
8 Check the appropriateness and effectiveness of internal control through internal audits

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