Message from the President

Toshiaki SuminoPresident and Representative DirectorThe Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

To our valued stakeholders

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
I am Toshiaki Sumino and I have been appointed President of Dai-ichi Life from April 2023.
We will do our utmost to be the lifelong partner for each and every one of our customers, so that we will continue to be a company that will be chosen by all of you.

Since our founding in 1902, the products and services of the life insurance business have changed and diversified with the times, but their essence remains unchanged. Functionally, they provide financial security in unexpected tragic events such as loss of life or illness. However, I believe that the essence of this business, which is deeply rooted in people's lives, is that of delivering a bond of hope that allows people to wish for happiness, to think about the future, and to entrust their dreams to the next generation.
That is why we continue to provide peace of mind to each and every one of our customers with a strong sense of mission.
Under these circumstances, a variety of lifestyles and values are being respected, and the role that life insurance companies should play in society in the future, which is called the "100-year life era," is becoming increasingly important. For example, we need to help people to lead their long lives in good health and without financial anxiety. We also need to help people to live in a fulfilling way in their relationships with people and society. We also need to make further contributions to help people live happier lives in their own way, including future generations, through responsible efforts to resolve issues facing the global environment and local communities.
Based on these considerations, we have set out our vision "For the well-being of all, beyond peace of mind" based on our desire to be a good partner in order to realize the happiness envisioned by each and every customer, as well as our customers' peace of mind. We will not only deepen the delivery of protection through life insurance to better benefit our customers, but also contribute to the realization of the well-being of our customers and society by expanding our business into the fields of health promotion and asset formation and succession, and by enhancing connections between people, communities and society.

In this way, the driving force behind our attempt to respond to new needs faster than anyone else is the Spirit of Innovation since our founding. We want to be the best lifelong partner in all times. With this strong will, our corporate DNA, which we have continuously challenged through numerous innovations, is continually being passed down.
We are currently taking on the new challenge of further refining the communication and consulting capabilities of our 40,000 Total Life Plan Designers throughout Japan. We are also using advanced digital technologies to constantly work closer to our customers' daily lives and to further enhance our support capabilities in unexpected life events. At the same time, we are working to improve our organization and systems that enable us to take on these challenges and to develop human resources. Through these endeavors, we will strive to become the best company that can contribute to our customers as a partner for well-being in the coming age.

However, in order for us to be a company that can meet the expectations of our customers and contribute to the realization of happiness, we must be a company that is fully trusted by customers and society. In response to the discovery of monetary fraud, all officers and employees take this matter extremely seriously, and we are making company-wide efforts in the "Business Management Quality Reform Task Force" to establish a new corporate culture. In addition to preventing the recurrence of fraudulent incidents, we will once again review our management philosophy and continue to devote all of our efforts to restoring the trust of our customers and other stakeholders.

We sincerely hope to earn your continued support

President and Representative Director
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited
Toshiaki Sumino


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