Basic Policy

Basic Policy

Dai-ichi Life has its sights on environmental protection by adopting “Dai-ichi's Social Responsibility Charter”.
We have established the Basic Environmental Policy, where all executive officers and employees are working together to protect the environment, aiming to help achieve social and economic development, harmony with the global environment, and the building of a sustainable society.

Basic Environmental Policy

Basic Policy
As a member of society, Dai-ichi Life considers protection of the local and global environment and building of a recycling-oriented society, based on its basic management policy of Securing Social Trust, to be part of the Company's social responsibility, and works to continually protect the environment on a daily basis in accordance with the following action guidelines.
Action Guidelines
1 Implementation of environmentally conscious activities in life insurance businesses
We are committed to being environmentally conscious at all times, following charters, agreements, and guidelines that Dai-ichi Life has agreed to as well as laws and regulations related to environmental preservation in our business activities.
2 Reduction of environmental impact from business activities
We are committed to promoting resource conservation, energy conservation, resource recycling, and green procurement in reducing environmental impacts resulting from resources used, energy consumption, and waste generated in our business activities.
3 Promotion of activities that raise environmental awareness
We will help raise awareness of environmental issues among our officers and employees alike through comprehensive implementation of these action guidelines, as well as by making wide-ranging social contributions through our commitment to activities that raise environmental awareness, such as providing donations and support for environmental preservation activities.
4 Promotion of sustainable environmental improvement
We are committed to developing rationales and goals for all environmental initiatives, as well as examining and proactively disclosing results of these initiatives along with their approach and progress status in addressing environmental improvement on a continual basis.

These guidelines are disseminated internally as well as disclosed publically.

Dai-ichi Life carries out initiatives to help realize a sustainable society through its involvement in domestic and international initiatives, such as the United Nations Global Compact, among others.


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