Tsuneta Yano issues Characteristics of My Company, a pamphlet explaining the merits of a mutual company, and subsequently establishes Japan's first mutual life insurance company, the Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company.


Dai-ichi Life begins paying policyholder dividends.


Following the Great Kanto Earthquake, Dai-ichi Life raises customer confidence by making prompt payment of insurance claims to policyholders, despite a payment deferment order issued by the government which allowed financial institutions to delay payments.


The sum insured of policies in-force reaches yen1billion.
Dai-ichi Life becomes the second largest life insurance company in Japan.


Dai-ichi Life establishes the "Hoseikai" foundation, offering facilities for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, the major cause of death in Japan at the time.


The Head Office is moved to its current Tokyo location, which served as the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers (GHQ) following World War II .


Dai-ichi Life establishes the Public Health Award, honoring the efforts of groups and individuals who make outstanding contributions in the field of public health and hygiene.


Dai-ichi Life's 20-story Oi Head Office, housing the Company's Policy Service departments and Computer Systems Department, is completed.


FALIA, Foundation for the Advancement of Life Insurance Around the World, a consolidation of several related organizations active since 1962, is established to expand Dai-ichi Life's support for the life insurance business in Asia.


Dai-ichi Life's first overseas representative office is established in New York (currently Dai-ichi Life International (U.S.A.), Inc.) to study U.S. insurance, economic, and financial systems as well as to promote international group insurance policies among local subsidiaries of Japanese corporations.


Dai-ichi Life's first European representative office is established in London (currently Dai-ichi Life International (Europe) Limited).


Dai-ichi Life establishes Dai-ichi Life International (H.K.) Limited (currently Dai-ichi Life International (AsiaPacific) Limited).


  • Dai-ichi Life's investment in Lincoln National Life Insurance Company marks the first time a Japanese company has participated in capitalizing a leading U.S. insurer (already ceased).
  • Dai-ichi Life establishes the Green Environmental Design Award which commends and subsidizes excellent works to improve urban environments.


Dai-ichi Life completes the DN Tower 21, a new Head Office building in the heart of Tokyo.


Following the Great Hanshin Earthquake in January, Dai-ichi Life simplifies claims settlement procedures.


Dai-ichi Life establishes the Dai-ichi Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. (already ceased).


  • Dai-ichi Life establishes Dai-ichi Life Research Institute Inc.
  • Dai-ichi Life proposes the Total Life Plan concept to provide peace of mind throughout customers' lives based on life plans prepared with the customer.


  • Dai-ichi Life enters into the investment trust business as Daiichi Life Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • Dai-ichi Life reaches an agreement on total business cooperation with the Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (currently Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.).


  • Dai-ichi Life and the Industrial Bank of Japan Co., Ltd. establish IBJ-DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (currently Mizuho-DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.).
  • Dai-ichi Life Asset Management Co., Ltd., IBJ NW Asset Management Co., Ltd. and IBJ Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. merge to form DLIBJ Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently DIAM Co., Ltd.).


Dai-ichi Life enters into an agreement to form a comprehensive business alliance with the Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. (currently Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.) and a strategic marketing alliance with American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (AFLAC).


Dai-ichi Life wins the "Japan Quality Award," the first company in the financial and insurance industry to receive this honor.


Marking a century of insurance and investment achievements, Dai-ichi Life celebrates its 100th Anniversary.


Dai-ichi Life issues subordinated bonds worth yen30 billion for public subscription using a securitization scheme.


  • Dai-ichi Life issues U.S. dollar-denominated subordinated bonds in the global capital market.
  • Dai-ichi Life raises additional foundation funds worth yen60 billion through public offering using a securitization scheme.


  • Dai-ichi Life raises additional foundation funds worth yen60 billion.


  • Dai-ichi Life acquires Bao Minh CMG, which recommences operations as Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam,Ltd.
  • Dai-ichi Life's wholly-owned subsidiary, Dai-ichi Frontier Life Insurance Co., Ltd., obtains a license for life insurance business.
  • Dai-ichi Life concludes a joint-venture contract to establish a joint life insurance company (Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Limited) with the Bank of India and Union Bank of India.


  • Dai-ichi Life adopts a plan to demutualize and become a stock company.
  • Dai-ichi Life concludes an agreement on a strategic business alliance, including the acquisition of shares, with Ocean Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (currently OCEAN LIFE INSURANCE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED) of Thailand.
  • Dai-ichi Life enters into an agreement to form a strategic business alliance with TOWER Australia Group Limited (TOWER Australia).


  • Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Limited commences sales of its products.
  • Dai-ichi Life enters into yen183 billion syndicated subordinated loan.
  • The 108th general meeting of representative policyholders approves Dai-ichi Life's demutualization.


  • Dai-ichi Life demutualizes and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


  • Dai-ichi Life issues U.S. dollar-denominated perpetual subordinated notes in the global capital market.
  • Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, Dai-ichi Life offers aid to the victims and special treatment for the policyholders affected by the earthquake.
  • Dai-ichi Life successfully acquires 100% ownership of TOWER Australia, and TOWER Australia changes its name to TAL Limited (currently TAL Dai-ichi Life Australia Pty Ltd).


  • Dai-ichi Life enters into a strategic business and capital alliance with Janus Capital Group Inc., a U.S. asset management company.


  • Dai-ichi Life acquires shares in Janus Capital Group Inc., a U.S. asset management company, making it an affiliate.
  • Dai-ichi Life acquires shares in PT Panin Life (currently PT Panin Dai-ichi Life), an Indonesian life insurance company, making it an affiliate.
  • Dai-ichi Life adopts "By your side, for life" as group mission for the Dai-ichi Life Group.


  • Dai-ichi Life concludes an agreement with Protective Life Corporation, a U.S. life insurance group listed on the New York Stock Exchange, on the commencement of procedures to acquire 100% ownership of the company.
  • Dai-ichi Life joins the United Nations Global Compact, the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world, working towards the vision of a sustainable and inclusive global economy.

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