Customer Feedback

System for reflecting customer feedback in management

In 1992, we constructed a system for reflecting the customer feedback that we receive from our customers around Japan every day on management in order to improve ourselves. It is a system for collecting and analyzing customer feedback that we receive through points of contact with customers and utilizing it in management and business improvement. Specifically, we analyze the feedback at the VOC meeting* and summarize the issues. We then formulate and take concrete improvement measures and discuss them at the customer first special committee as well. Our efforts are reported to the Executive Management Board and others. In addition, we receive opinions from numerous consumers through Customer Focus Groups when discussing improvement measures to meet our customers' requests. Under this system, we are improving our products and services to further enhance customer satisfaction.

  • * VOC:abbreviation of Voice of Customer (which means customer feedback)

System for reflecting customer feedback in management

Advisory committee for Business Quality

Advisory committee for Business Quality

Since 2006, we have held regular Advisory committee for Business Quality to receive opinions from outside experts.
Our board members take part in Advisory committee for Business Quality to ask about efforts for improving customer satisfaction.


Customer Focus Groups

Customer Focus Groups

We have held Customer Focus Groups since 1984; that is, earlier than others. We receive opinions about our products and services and the clarity of documents for customers in order to improve quality.


Roundtable conferences with customers

These conferences are held on a regular basis at our branch offices across Japan so that our board members can provide explanations of our business activities and ask for opinions and requests directly from customers.

Other efforts

Developing relationships with government agencies and consumer-related organizations

We provide information about our business activities and proactively take part in symposiums. We also seek to establish mutual communications; for example, our management provides lectures on consumer-oriented management at opportunities such as seminars.

Annual visits to consumer centers

By visiting consumer centers around Japan annually since 1980, we have collected information about consultations on life insurance, received opinions and requests, and provided information about our businesses.

Operation of the Seminars on Consumer Issues

We exchange opinions with experts regarding the ideal corporate consumer response and appropriate customer-oriented management.


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