Message from the New President Seiji Inagaki

Seiji InagakiPresident and Representative DirectorThe Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

Message from the President

Thank you for your continued patronage of Dai-ichi Life.
I am Seiji Inagaki. On April 1, 2017, I assumed the position as President of Dai-ichi Life.
We will make every effort to become an insurance company that continues to be chosen by customers while we stand "By your side, for life" for our customers. We appreciate your kind understanding and support of our efforts.

In Japan, where the aging population is rapidly increasing and the birth rate declining, a sense of insecurity relating to the cost of living after retirement is growing because of the increase in social security expenditures that include future medical expenses and pension payments. In addition, customers have wide spread concerns including health, nursing care and education. While Dai-ichi Life fulfills a supplementary role for the national social insurance service as a life insurance company, we strive to relieve these various concerns that change over time while we play a proactive role in providing "peace of mind" for our customers. Based on this direction, Dai-ichi Life takes on the challenge of solving social issues by promoting customers' health in cooperation with local governments and medical national centers, creating communities where people can live with "peace of mind" by supporting child care and the elderly, and also promoting diversity.
In addition, as customers seek diversified forms of "peace of mind", we must meet their needs more meticulously. Dai-ichi Life is committed to providing "peace of mind" to each customer. By utilizing technological advancements and leveraging alliances with various business partners, we aim for higher quality and efficiency in delivering our products and services. The health promotion support service and other initiatives we have been carrying out since this spring based on the theme "Live Healthy, Lead a Happy Life" are part of these efforts.

Since the founding of Dai-ichi Life, we have been making efforts to contribute to community development and enhance "peace of mind" as well as better lives for people under our philosophy of "Customer First". We will be marking the 115th anniversary of our founding this September. Dai-ichi Life will continue to evolve with the aim of offering the best quality services for our customers and society.
We sincerely look forward to your continued support.

President and Representative Director
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited
Seiji Inagaki


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